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Last Updated 2021-03-24


Campaigns are event based campaigns you can create to send your users based on user properties or actions the user has done using Segments.

Types of Campaigns

  1. Direct (Sequence) - This would be a sequence of messages that would be sent in order to users. For example, for onboarding, drip emails, etc.
  2. Recurring - This would be one that would send a single message to a user whenever a certain event occurs, such as if the event "New Subscription" occurred and you wanted to send a message to each new subscriber.
  3. One Time - Would send a message only the first time for each user when the trigger activate the campaign.
  4. Every Time - Would continuously send a message every time the trigger for the campaign occurs for a user.
  5. Announcement - A message (or set of messages) to be sent out to all or some users that can be scheduled to be sent out at a certain time and date.

Campaign Metrics

  • Conversion Rate: % of people in the campaign that received a message and completed the goal setup in the campaign
  • Open Rate: % of people that opened the emails received in the campaign
  • Click Rate: % of people that opened the emails received in the campaign


All campaigns require a trigger, which is a tracked event from your users that will activate a campaign for each user.


Only Direct campaigns support goals, and a goal is the conversion you're looking to achieve from your campaign. This is specially useful to get the Conversion Rate metric to show in your dashboard and campaigns page to display the % of users that are delivered a campaign message and then fire that event.


Segments allow you to group together users based on user properties (ex. title, last name, etc.), and/or events a user has taken (ex. purchase, subscribed, add to cart). These segments are what are used to either include a certain group of users, or exclude them from a campaign.

Types of Messages

  1. Plain Text: This is for emails that you want to keep simple.
  2. HMTL: This is if you want to fully design and import your own HTML emails into your messages.


For each message, you're able to set a delay before the message is activated and then sent out. For example, if the delay is set to 10, and the delay unit to minutes, it would send the message 10 minutes after the event "New Subscriber" activates the campaign if it's set as the campaign trigger.

Testing Messages

You're also able to test messages of how it would look like when a message would be received by the user, but get it sent to you.

To do this, you'll simply:

  1. Have your message open
  2. Select a user in your dropdown
  3. Click on "Send Test Email"
  4. Check your email

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