Our checklists functionality will allow you to display an order of steps you want your users to follow and guide them to a successful stage. A common use case is for user onboarding, which is one of then things we use for ourselves!

Creating a Checklist

To create your own Checklist, you can go to See below our own setup to help demonstrate the setup when onboarding new users.

  • Name - Name of the checklist. It will be what is displayed as the title on the checklist when it displays in your website to your users.
  • Trigger - This will be an event that you track using our API or JavaScript library, which will cause the checklist to display for each user.
  • Page Settings - Here you can select if you want the checklist to display on all pages, or just on specific ones.
  • Segments - This is optional, but you can use segments to only show it to a certain group of users.
  • Location - This will be if you'd like for the checklist to display on the bottom left or bottom right of each page.
  • Colors - You can use this to customize the colors of every object within the checklist.
  • Font Family - Will be the font that the checklist will use. Inherit will cause the checklist to use what your website already uses.

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