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Last Updated 2021-02-24


A Knowledge Base is a centralized place for users to create any type of public or internal facing knowledge base. This can vary from developer documentation, training manual, and even technical documentation with the support of KaTeX.

There are 3 objects to consider:

  • Knowledge Base - Holds all your Books in a single place.
  • Book - This is where you can separate your content by topic or audience, and hold all articles you write as well as breaking up articles into sections or chapters.
  • Article - Each piece of content that you write within a Book.

For example, you can take a look at our Knowledge Base here:

Settings and Options

There's multiple parts when working within a Book, so we'll break down each part of the functionalities here:

  • Section: Can be used when you need to group together multiple Articles within a Book. These sections are draggable to reorder them and the articles within them. Below you can see we have Setup, Product, and Integrations.
  • There are 3 icons for each Section, and they are
  • Add a new Article in the section
  • Edit section name
  • Remove section, which will also remove the articles within the section.
  • Public Link: Takes you to view the article.
  • Draft / Live Toggle: Allows you to set the article to be a draft and only viewable internally until set to live where users can see it publicly.
  • Previous: List of articles that have linked the current article as a recommended article to read (set in Next)
  • Next: You can add articles in your book as recommended articles a user should read that will redirect them to those artiicles.

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